4 Recommendation Video Editor Apps to Add Subtitles

Video Editor Apps to Add Subtitles – Audience comprehension in videos depends on clear audio. However, there are times when the video’s message and overall impact suffer because of poor or mediocre audio quality.

Subtitles help editors get their message across to the target audience in a video. Now, thanks to video-subtitling apps for smartphones, anyone can customize their viewing experience. Additionally, some services enable end-users to add personal flair to subtitles.

If you want to add subtitles to videos, this article will show you some of the best video editor apps to add subtitles available.

GoDaddy Studio

There are a lot of features and options in graphic and video editing software, which can make using them confusing. There are many mobile video editor apps to add subtitles, such as GoDaddy Studio, that can help aspiring editors learn the ropes, but even established editors use them.

With its intuitive interface and simple tools, it’s one of the simplest graphic design programs out there. Flyers, banners, photos, and videos created in GoDaddy Studio are always top-notch.

GoDaddy Studio provides access to thousands of free layouts for finding ideas and patterns to work with. With the premium app’s $5.99 monthly fee, users gain access to premium features, tools, and graphic templates.

GoDaddy Studio can be obtained from the App Store and Google Play. It’s free to try for a month before committing to a paid subscription, and there’s no cost to download it.


Subtitling a video involves viewing the footage frame by frame, which can be time consuming. But with video editor apps to add subtitles Kaptioned, closed-captioning videos is a breeze. Subtitles generated by AI are currently in use.

Kaptioned can automatically identify the audio in a video and produce high-quality subtitles for the entire production. Kaptioned is a no-cost app available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Users with the free tier can watch one 15-minute video per month.

Subtitled videos up to an hour in length with no watermark are available in the premium version for about $10 per month.

The app’s processing capacity is currently capped at 1 GB, so users can only upload videos that are under that size for processing. It takes only a few minutes for the Kaptioned app to process a video and return subtitles after it has been chosen for processing.


Video captions are the sole focus of Vont, one of the best video editor apps to add subtitles designed solely for iOS. An easy-to-use app, Vont allows you to add subtitles to videos. The app is great for inexperienced editors because of its straightforward interface.

Closed captioning, subtitles, and text overlays for videos are all a breeze with Vont. The flexibility of the Vont app to use any font is its crowning achievement.

For those who are passionate about typography, there is the option of installing new fonts. There are license requirements for the fonts used in the Vont app.

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer the Vont app for no cost to users. Users should be aware that the app does contain potentially annoying video advertisements. Users can avoid the ads by subscribing to Vont’s ad-free version for less than $10 per month. 

Text on Video

Text on Video was introduced by BigVideos in June of 2020. The video editor apps to add subtitles popularity belies its relative youth, thanks to its convenient and useful features and functions. More than a million people have used Text on Video.

The app lets you send video messages as well as edit photos and videos. There are over 20 different transitions available for use in a slideshow, as well as animations, effects, filters, overlays, stickers, audio, and music.

Among the many uses for this video editor apps to add subtitles is social media posting. Therefore, users can adjust the dimensions of their videos within the Text on Video app to meet the specifications of platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Downloading Text on Video from the Google Play Store is totally cost-free.

Clarity in a video is greatly improved with subtitles. It increases exposure because many people watch videos without sound. In addition, it helps people who have trouble hearing. Consequently, people can add subtitles to their videos with the help of the best video editor apps to add subtitles. Frames in a project can be easily captioned with the help of these mobile apps.