Auto Download in WhatsApp : How to Use

Auto Download in Whatsapp – WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular and well-liked apps. This application can be used to send messages, share files, make calls, video calls, and much more.

WhatsApp users can send various files and media to contacts or chat groups. This allows anyone to access videos, photos, and documents that have been sent.

In this application, there is also an automatic download feature, so all incoming media can be directly stored in your local storage. Even though the file is automatically downloaded, it still secures a copy as a backup.

For some people, this is a problem for storage space. On this occasion, let’s discuss how to avoid and overcome this problem. Let’s see the review right away.

What’s WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the largest messaging app in the world, with 5 billion downloads and 2 billion active users from 180 countries.

You can use this application for personal communication. This application is very simple but still reliable; you can contact anyone with

Many people trust this application because it has implemented end-to-end encryption technology, so outsiders cannot access your chat. Even WhatsApp cannot access the message.

In addition to basic chatting, the app also offers high-quality voice and video calls. The calls are free and can be made with up to eight people simultaneously.

You can access all the services provided by WhatsApp; the most important thing is that you are connected to an internet connection. This app allows location sharing.

It is no less interesting that you can also use this application to create a status, which will disappear within 24 hours.

WhatsApp’s Availability

For WhatsApp users, you can access it on several platforms, such as mobile apps, desktop apps, and websites. In 2015, WhatsApp first introduced its web version, followed by desktop applications for Mac and Windows.

This application was first launched in 2009 and is only for the iPhone. But after a year, this application can finally be used by Android users.

You can download this application easily and for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store!

Auto Download in Whatsapp – Send Files Using WhatsApp

This application supports sending audio, photo, and video recordings. Users can take photos with the built-in camera in the app and then send them directly to contacts or groups.

This application understands very well if the explanation provided only by sending messages is sometimes difficult to understand. If you want to send a voice message using this application, just one tap is enough for you to record a voice message.

So this app is perfect for sending short or detailed messages. If you use this application, you also don’t need to worry about losing all the moments.

Whatsapp Auto Download Featured

This app can download images and videos sent or received. This option saves all sent photos and videos to your local storage.

When you want to activate this one, you can choose several settings, including automatic download, when connected to WiFi, using cellular data, or when roaming. Files that have been successfully downloaded will automatically enter the telephone or storage folder on your smartphone.

How to turn off Whatsapp Auto Download Featured

For those of you who don’t want to use this feature, you can also turn it off. The way to turn it off is also quite easy. The first thing you can do is not open the WhatsApp application, then enter the main page for all chats.

If you have tapped the three vertical dots at the top right, then select the settings option. If you have clicked “Chat Settings,” then click “Auto Download Media” and choose another option.

You can check any files that you don’t want to be downloaded automatically; if so, the file will not be downloaded automatically anymore.