Best Trade App – Compare Investous, CMC Markets, and Freetrade

There are numerous options to choose from that you can choose from. Choosing the ideal platform for your trade may be a daunting task. Certain trading platforms provide various payment methods, however not all are suitable for all traders. There are pros and disadvantages to every. The following article will compare Investous, CMC Markets and Freetrade and then deciding on which is most suitable for your needs. While choosing a trading app take note of these points:



There is a reason how eToro trading app is appealing. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and trade in just a few minutes. eToro permits withdrawals via bank wires and has a range of deposit options. It is possible to access the app with a wide range of languages. The application asks to provide your username and email address, as well as the risk tolerance you are willing to accept. When you’ve completed the form about your trading history, you can withdraw gains.


eToro has many options for beginner traders that can make it simpler. You can view your portfolio and account statement, and copy trades from popular investors. If you are unsure of what is the most effective strategy to use for a specific company, eToro offers copy trading. Copy trading lets you duplicate a trader’s position by using your own money and the app offers no management fees.


The traders who utilize the eToro trading app need to adopt a medium term approach. While the medium-term approach will require more perseverance and focus, it can provide greater reward over the course of time. After learning how to use the platform, search the eToro trade app for a list of recommended traders. Remember that past results are not a guarantee of the future. In addition, eToro provides a short history of trading history for only five years. This could not be enough information to help you make an informed investment choice.


Besides the eToro trade app it also has other functions that can enhance your experience trading. One of the most prominent aspects is the community. You can look for other traders through the app and copy the trades they make. The platform also offers an option of copying trades made by popular investors. It offers a trial account which includes a portfolio of virtual $100,000. In addition, the community helps you learn by observing the experiences of other users.

CMC Markets


If you’re looking for an app for trading on mobile, consider CMC Markets. It has a sleek, elegant design, as well as an easy way to access charts and market depth. You can also receive market news and updates from the app, and modify, cancel or even link your purchases. The app is accessible by both Android as well as iPhone, so it is ideal for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date with current information on the stock market.


CMC Markets offers an extensive range of trading tools with a comprehensive economic calendar, run through Thomson Reuters. There’s also the option of setting alarms for the releases you prefer using an automatic charting tool for trendlines. CMC Markets offers excellent customer service in addition to the latest tools. The live chat is available 24 hours a day, and they provide prompt and efficient customer service.


CMC Markets website is simple and easy to navigate. The site does not require any personal information. CMC Markets has also received many awards for its customer service, including Best Online Forex Trading App and Best Mobile Trading App. CMC Markets, an FCA-regulated broker, is dedicated to providing high quality customer service. The website features a vast FAQs, as well as they offer live chat support through their Next Generation platform. Customer support on their site is thorough and organized.


Aside from a robust question and answer section CMC Markets has excellent customer support in several languages. CMC Markets’ customer service team will be available to assist with any questions you may have via telephone, email, or through the offices in a variety of different countries. If you have questions about how to use the app, they also provide a live chat service available for CFD accounts. Although you might need to wait up to eight minutes before connecting with an agent live via chat Their average response time is under a minute.

Invest in your own self


This is the place to be if you are looking for the most effective trading application. Investous provides a wide range of options to help you get into bonds and stocks. You can open a new account to get more information about investing. Investous has demo accounts available that allow you to experience the trading process before investing.



Freetrade is a simple, yet intuitive investment platform. The app is divided into five segments that enable users to view their portfolio and to allocate funds. You can also research stocks or ETFs and add funds to your account. Freetrade is completely free to download and available for iOS as well as Android. The intuitive interface for users makes it easy to set up in a matter of minutes. The app supports both US as well as UK trading in stocks, and also ETFs, which are exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


There are many great features but there are some major weaknesses. Freetrade isn’t able to offer a complete overview of its portfolio, and doesn’t allow you to view historical information. The charts in the app aren’t well labeled and don’t provide enough information to give accurate performance information. But the company is aware of these issues and continually releasing updates that enhance the user experience.


Freetrade is a company based in the UK licensed by Financial Conduct Authority is licensed. The company follows the established rules and offers FSCS investment security. Freetrade gives investors access to a compensation fund and legal recourse in case they encounter any issue with their accounts. There are also informational materials such as the YouTube channel, or forum forums for the most frequently asked queries. Join the Freetrade newsletter to receive articles on a range of investing subjects.


Once you’ve downloaded and registered the app after which you’ll have access to your account. The app allows you to trade in a range of different securities. It is possible to start just PS2 or as high as PS200 or more. Freetrade provides a referral service that lets you get a share at surprisingly low costs. Furthermore, Freetrade provides an array of investment analysis tools. Through this app, you can analyze the performance of your investments and share your portfolio. The app will provide you with useful information that can help you to make educated decisions on what shares or stocks to purchase.



If you’re in search of the best trade app, IG may be the one for you. This trading app offers a wide variety of features such as streaming news, economic calendars, videos and also integrated trading signals. The trading platform from IG has AutoTrading features. The blog is maintained by the company and has a variety of data and analytics forecasts. It has an impressive number of training videos. You are able to sign up no cost.


The best thing about IG’s trading platform is its ability to use it across various platforms. The app provides a mobile app for iPhones, Android devices, and iPads. There is no need to connect to the internet to trade with over 16,000 participants in the market. IG offers this kind of versatility, something many other online trading firms cannot claim to offer. There is also Autochartist and MT4 Mobile Apps that can enhance the trading experience.


Another major feature of IG’s mobile trading platform is its accessibility. Set up alerts to be informed of major announcements or events and manage seven types of orders. The platform of IG is easy to use and simple to use and you can manage the assets you have with just a swipe or press. However, fees for IG are quite costly compared with other rivals. Learn more about this feature in our analysis of IG trading application.


One disadvantage to the IG app’s prices is that each trade is priced at PS3. This fee is fixed regardless of the amount of your investment. Therefore, it’s more appealing for investors who have larger accounts. However, the fee for the IG trade app is different for US stocks. Discounts of PS3 is available for those who trade three times or more during a particular month.