Discover Netflix Hidden Movies with These Codes!

Netflix Hidden Movies – Netflix is the most popular streaming service, but its interface isn’t always the most user-friendly. If the suggestions aren’t quite right, you’ll have to dig through the library’s 70,000 subgenres to find what you need.

You shouldn’t give up just yet because Netflix has this neat thing called secret codes. The codes, each of which represents a specific genre, allow for the quick and easy tracking down of obscure programs and films. We’ve put together a comprehensive manual that explains not only the codes themselves, but also how to apply them in various scenarios.

If you want access to the best Netflix hidden movies, you need to know the following information, which you can find below.

What Are Netflix Hidden Movies?

If you’re familiar with Netflix, you know that it uses a complex algorithm to learn what kinds of shows you like and then recommends similar ones. While this has its uses, it becomes problematic after you’ve seen all the recommended movies and TV shows.

We’ve already established that it’s not always easy to track down a specific subgenre and the content that falls under it, especially given that many of these are buried and require a specific URL.

These are times when having access to Netflix’s secret codes comes in handy to watch Netflix hidden movies. The Telegraph initially revealed the secret codes, and the Independent UK provided translations. They were made to help users gain access to materials that would otherwise be hidden from simple keyword searches.

Adding a suffix to your Netflix URL link will help you locate a specific genre, but it won’t act as a virtual private network (VPN) and allow you to bypass regional restrictions.

How to Watch Netflix Hidden Movies

Because what good would a shortcut be if it required knowledge of programming or took time to understand and implement?

Thankfully, accessing Netflix hidden movies with a secret code is a breeze. To begin, go to and paste the link into the search bar. However, you should not press the “Enter” key just yet.

As for the second piece of advice, all you have to do is find the genre of interest in the list of secret codes down below and append it to the end of the aforementioned link.

When you’re done, press Enter and give the page a moment to load. TV shows and movies that are right up your alley but weren’t featured on the homepage can be found there.

List of Netflix Hidden Movies

Action and Adventure Movies

Action and adventure are a fan favorite on Netflix and other streaming services. If you are a fan of suspense, violence, and thrillers, enter the code 1356. The best part about using these hidden codes is that you’re not limited to just the Netflix hidden movies of the Action and Adventure genre.

Use the following codes to specify the nature of your request in greater detail.

Genre Code
Thrillers, fighting, and suspense 1356
Asian Action Movies 77232
Classic 46576
Comedies 43040
Thrillers 43048
General Adventures 7442

Western Movies

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic Western? The code 7700 will bring up a wide selection of these shows and movies, and the following codes will allow you to narrow your Netflix hidden movies search by genre.

Genre Code
Comic Book and Superhero movies 10118
Martial Arts movies 8985
Spy Action and Adventure 10702
Military Action and Adventure 2125

Children & Family Movies

On to the next set of Netflix hidden movies; these ones are for those of you looking for material suitable for infants and toddlers. The most crucial three digits to know for full access to the Kids and Family movies section are 783.

Furthermore, nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with the kids to watch an old Disney classic or some quality content from Education for Kids.

Age Code
0 to 2 6796
2 to 4 6128
5 to 7 5455
8 to 10 561
11 to 12 6962
Disney movie 67673
Education for kids 10659

Classic Movies

If you’re a cinephile, you might appreciate these secret codes for watching Netflix hidden movies.

Genres Code
Classic thrillers 46588
Dramas 29809
Comedies 31869
Classic War Movies 48744
Film Noir 7687


Netflix has a lot of great documentaries and series. Because of this, the 6839 code can be very useful. Using these codes, you can unlock a wide variety of documentary-related subgenres on Netflix hidden movies.

Genres Code
Biographical Documentaries 3652
Crime 9875
Foreign Documentaries 5161
Historical 5349
Military 4006
Sports 180
Music and Concert 90361

How to Watch Netflix Hidden Movies on Mobile

Considering the topic of this article, it’s ironic that the URL links won’t work on a mobile device. This is because the code suffix cannot be added. But that doesn’t mean the data we’ve given you won’t be useful in some way. 

Instead, use the search bar at the app’s top to look up titles within the genres and subgenres indicated by the corresponding codes. You should be able to see “show relevant movies and TV shows for Action and Adventure” (example). If you’re interested in the provided material, just click there.

Finding something to watch on Netflix that isn’t in the recommendations section can take some time. Nonetheless, we have highlighted the secret codes so that you can access the Netflix hidden movies with much less effort.