Easy Donating with Mobile Giving App Givelify

Mobile Giving App – Many organizations around the world run various donation drives for their particular causes and projects. However, people find it challenging to keep track of the donation drive details, especially where and how they can send their monetary donations. 

Using a smartphone to shop, bank and check social media is second nature for most people. It’s no surprise, then, that charitable donations made via mobile giving app more than doubled in 2017 — a boost likely underscored by the fact that millennial donors don’t carry cash or checks and are apt to give with a credit or debit card.

With the Givelify mobile app, a donation is made easy because the application only requires potential donors to give three taps on their phones to donate. Aside from the five minute-transaction of the donor, organizations can receive the donation immediately after one business day on their bank accounts.

Beginning Of Givelify

By staying true to their mission “to make it easier to give,” the team has created a mobile giving app in 2013 that will help countless people. To that end, Givelify facilitates fundraising efforts by making it simple for donors to contribute to worthy causes.

However admirable the concept may sound, the app actually evolved from the practice of individuals soliciting financial support from neighbors. The group developed the app with cutting-edge technology in an effort to better the world.

Givelify’s goal is to change the world one simple, joyful gift at a time by assisting people in finding causes that move them to take action. The mobile giving app’s service is guided by four guiding principles: integrity, compassion, simplicity, and wow.

The Givelify app gained notoriety, and users gradually gained confidence in the reliability of the service it provided. Only three months after going live, the group had already raised over $100,000 for good causes. Over $2 billion has been donated through Givelify to various causes so far.

Givelify Mobile App

After a few years of success with the mobile app, the developers behind Givelify decided to make the mobile giving app available on desktop computers and via the web in order to accommodate user demand.

You can check the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store to see how many people have downloaded the app, as well as how many businesses and individuals have made donations. The Givelify app is highly regarded by users and critics alike.

Given its nearly one million donors and countless downloads and positive user reviews, it’s clear that the Givelify app is a hit.

Signing Up On Givelify

Signing up on Givelify doesn’t cost anything. Only organizations organizing drives for donations or funds will need to register. Donations can be made through Givelify without the need for a user account.

Non-profit organizations and religious institutions are the only types of users the app welcomes. First, the organization’s full name, street address, and phone number are needed for Givelify.

Givelify defines a Place of Worship as “a faith-based community that gathers physically or online, has faith leader(s), and has regular religious services,” so your organization must specify whether it is a Place of Worship or a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit recognized by the IRS.

Personal information is needed for the next stage of registration. Givelify requires users to provide their full names, titles, emails, and phone numbers when signing up. The final step is to set a password for your account.

Features Of Givelify

The Givelify app’s features greatly benefit both the organization and donors by requesting and providing financial support. Mobile giving app Givelify is appealing to a lot of organizations and churches because it makes transactions easier.

First off, all financial support is given to the organization directly. Givelify then transfers the funds donated on their profile to the bank account linked to the organization’s profile. The money will be transferred immediately after one business day has passed since the donation was made.

Given that the Givelify team needs a maintenance fund to continue offering its services, 2.99% plus 30 cents are added to every donation made through the mobile giving app. The deal is open, and there are no additional costs, even though they only receive a modest commission.

Givelify offers extra features so that businesses and churches can enhance their fundraising efforts. One of these are the personalized campaigns offered by the app, which attract potential donors.

Users of Givelify can tailor their campaigns to maintain the app’s branding for their particular group. This function is helpful for those who need money for more than one project.

In this way, donors can select the cause they most want to support. By looking at the tracker, nonprofits and churches can see exactly which causes their contributions are supported in this mobile giving app.

Nonprofits and churches can use mobile giving app Givelify to organize cutting-edge fundraising campaigns. To send money, all donors need to do is open the app, enter the amount, and tap their phone three times.