Easy Video Editing Apps, Highly Recommended!

Easy Video Editing Apps, Highly Recommended – Even with the help of mobile video editing apps, it is not easy to generate outstanding and interesting videos.

However, even though the mobile versions of these programs have fewer features and tools, making and editing fantastic films is still possible.

The most wonderful thing about video editing apps is that there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you, no matter how much or how little experience you have.

Some of them even use AI to create videos quickly and efficiently.

Professional experience is not required to begin using these apps.

The apps we’re going to talk about to work need a good idea for a video.

So, here is a list of easy video editing apps just for you!


The purpose of the Videoleap app is to provide you with some fun and advanced video editing tools so that you can begin making wonderful videos.

The purpose of the software is to allow its users to quickly and easily create professional-looking videos.

With Videoleap’s straightforward tools, you can quickly process, edit, and generate the final product.

The program also gives you useful tools and features, like adding artistic effects, combining films and images, adding text, and changing layers.

They can also experiment with the app’s many features to see how they might be of use in their current video productions.


The developers of GoPro also made a free, easy-to-use video editor called Splice.

Video clips can be imported into Slice and edited in a variety of ways.

Custom transitions, filters, and text overlays can be added to a video to make it more interesting.

Utilizing the app’s in-app music collection, you may give it a polished feel by playing songs or using sound effects.

The editing process is more flexible, and multi-track audio support is available in Splice.


This tool covers all your visual content requirements, from making stunning photo collages to professional-quality videos.

Video recordings can be flipped, rotated, and even have their backgrounds blurred with the click of a button, thanks to the intuitive UI.


LumaFusion is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality video editing tool for your iOS smartphone.

Six audio tracks, six video tracks, and six more audio tracks are all available for use in the interface.

It is possible for you to incorporate text, graphics, and photos into your films as well.

The same people who made the Pinnacle Studio app also made LumaFusion. It can record in 4K UHD and has keyframing and color correction features.


When it comes to video editing apps for Android, KineMaster is among the best.

This impressive tool allows you to combine video, audio, photos, and text into a single cohesive whole.

In addition, you can use a wide range of 3D transitions and effects.

The app stands out from the competition because of its frame-by-frame editing and real-time previewing capabilities.


The streamlined layout of FilmoraGo makes it perfect for whipping up fast Instagram posts.

Video clips can be sliced, changed, and enhanced using overlays and transitions.

You can also add music, title cards, and text overlays to your movies with this program.

The nicest feature is no watermark on the free mobile app version.

All of the above programs have advanced and almost complete editing tools and features, but they were all made with new users in mind so that they can get professional results with little work.

As a bonus, those apps come with detailed guides explaining how to use all of the features and stock videos used in the user’s projects.