Finance App For Small Business

There are a variety of finance-related software choices offered for small-sized businesses. These are my top choices: Intacct, Mint, Square, Zoho Expense, and QuickBooks Cash Management. These applications aren’t just useful for accountants but are equally useful to small business owners. The flow of cash is essential for smaller businesses. In a cash-flow crisis, it can spell doom. This software can assist you to ensure that your cash is in order and keep it in check. Learn more about these apps and what ones are best for your business.



The trial version of Mint provides a comprehensive financial overview. Additionally, you can access your investments accounts and your free credit score. You can set up alerts so that you make your payments on time and don’t incur fees. For registration, users need to enter the email address, telephone number and password. After registration the accounts, they are able to link all of their accounts and use the app to invest money. Mint lets users create budgets and track the amount they spend.


The app categorizes all financial transactions according to budget categories. It lets users create a total monthly budget, categorize expenses, and keep track of spending categories. Users can also monitor their credit score as well as receive notification about any changes in TransUnion(r) credit reports. Mint will also notify users whenever a customer spends more than the budgeted amount, or incurs late fees. Mint sorts all transactions for users automatically when users set up accounts. Mint users can edit as well as break up their transactions.


Mint allows you to track your income and expenses with a comprehensive chart. It also permits users to enter manually expenses. Mint is also a great tool to track expenses for a small business. A business that doesn’t have a separate account for accounting purposes may need higher-end software. The trial version of Mint can be utilized by small-sized businesses to monitor expenses and income. Mint is an ideal tool for people just getting started or for firms operating on a tight budget.



The finance application from Intacct is excellent for business owners with small budgets. You can easily track your financial performance for all of your companies from one location. It makes it easy to find data, and then communicate them to others. The app can be used to automate the financial management process, such as reconciling banks accounts. Additionally, you can create projections by using the app. With its customizable reports, Intacct helps users make informed decisions for business. Reduce revenue losses and improve margin control.


Sage Intacct offers features that can be used in a wide range of sectors, including small-scale company. The company has an API that is open that allows users to connect it with third-party applications. The pricing for Sage Intacct is quote-based, and it is possible to select module add-ons and features specific to the industry that meet your requirements. You can select the one that best suits your needs best, from the free and paid versions.


Intacct is a cloud-based financial system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The system is well-designed and is able to integrate seamlessly. The cloud-based accounting program is a popular choice to CPAs. Due to its strong connection to AICPA Intacct can be a perfect choice for smaller to medium-sized businesses. Many other industries areas, like construction and real estate, can also benefit from the flexibility of Intacct’s features.



If you own a small firm, chances are you’ve been familiar with the Square Finance app. This small, white device which you connect to your smartphone accepts cards for payment. It was once difficult for small businesses accepting credit cards as it was necessary to purchase specific equipment, and then pay fees. Square allows you to make it simple and free for businesses to take credit cards. Square accepts credit cards from many different types of customers, including individuals.


If you are a fundraiser then it’s likely you’ll have an event called a gala. Although ticket sales are vital for the success of the event , they are also laborious and challenging to handle. Next, gather customer data and enter it manually into Square. It takes time and can take a long time. There are usually more than 1,000 customers that need to be handled so this procedure can be time-consuming. By using an all-in-one system it is possible to collect customer information, integrate Square as a payment processor, and manage all customer accounts from one central location.


Square’s finance software assists entrepreneurs in managing cash flow stress with its three core solutions: lending capacity along with payment gateways as well as accounting software. These products allow small businesses to manage the pressure of cash flow while allowing them to run their business smoothly. Apart from its payment processing capabilities, Square has introduced two new account types for deposit. In addition to the lending options that are now available Square has now provided access to bank accounts which offer essential banking tools. And Square’s finance app designed for small-sized businesses integrates into its suite of services that allow you to see your payments, balances, and expenditures from one location.

Zoho Expense


The interface of Zoho Expense is simple to use and allows you to track and create expenses. The dashboard serves as the home page of the app. It provides a summation and overview of your most recent expenses. You can scan receipts or send them directly into Zoho. Zoho Expense helps you keep an eye on all expensesorganized according to categories. As many expense reports are necessary, you are able to make.


It offers three options that include free, premium and enterprise. The free plan is made for freelancers and is the most user-friendly. If your company has greater than five users, the enterprise plan is the best alternative. Its features and functionality make it easy to use and a worthwhile investment. Prior to deciding which plan, sign up to receive a trial offer. Before making a choice you should consider the free option and the amount of employees you expect to have.


You are also able to modify the Zoho Expense policy rules to help you monitor the expenses. These rules can be set up to be applied individually by employees or as a whole. Employees can be reimbursed via your accounting software or via online ACH. An Forte Merchant account required for the processing of reimbursements. When you’ve set up your Forte merchant account you will be able to process employees’ reimbursements right away. You can also alter the application’s settings to fit the specific needs of your business.



FreshBooks is an ideal software for small companies. It is a great tool to monitor the cost of your business, invoice clients, and handle clients’ accounts. FreshBooks will manage both expenses and invoices in addition to tracking your time. FreshBooks allows you to create project that is hourly or flat rate as well as add individuals and services and provide an overall view on your financials. The app also automatically generates and maintains financial statements and reports for you.


FreshBooks provides a variety of features which make it an ideal accounting software for small businesses. Its invoices look professional and include information such as the amount of inventory, costs, and labor and sales tax. It’s possible to add your company’s logo, or even a note to your clients. FreshBooks invoice capabilities are available, including the ability to create recurring invoices as well as the ability to bill recurring. For clients that are behind on their payments, you can set deadlines.


When it comes to features invoicing are relevant, FreshBooks has the most sophisticated ones. It can track expenditures, manage payments and also manage your time efficiently. In addition to the main app, FreshBooks has a mobile app that enables you to track mileage and capture expenditures. It makes it simple to stay on top of your financials regardless of where you’re. FreshBooks is synced with Square so you can accept payment from anywhere.

NetSuite ERP


A company’s performance is dependent on a cloud-based ERP software. Small-scale businesses will appreciate NetSuite ERP for its flexibility and scalability. It is available in more than 200 countries, and it supports 27 languages and around 190 currencies. It has a tiny footprint and it is easy to use and expand to accommodate changing needs. These are just a few important benefits you should consider. Small businesses ERP solutions can be used for managing the entire firm, regardless of what sector it’s in.


A robust tech stack, such as NetSuite isn’t easy to master, but the benefits make it well worth it. It streamlines business intelligence by providing the ability to instantly view key business metrics. It makes small businesses better competitive as it demonstrates that they have put money into better technology. NetSuite is a good alternative to QuickBooks. When a company expands in size, it’s normal that accounting software becomes outdated. However, this can negatively affect a business.


The general ledger feature included in NetSuite ERP allows users to enter financial information and improve the auditing process. Its accounts payable and accounts receivable features combine all financial information and function automatically. There are also management programs that can be used to manage financial assets that are fixed, including payment and cash as well as taxes. Billing infrastructures can be made more efficient with NetSuite. NetSuite also supports regular billing. NetSuite is also able to be integrated with popular ERP systems.