How to Get a Free Public Wifi Internet Connection 

Free WiFi Internet Connection – An internet connection is needed for your daily activities, whether it’s for work or errands. When you are at home, you also need a WiFi connection to access various social media sites or to shop online.

But when you are not outside the house, you may find it difficult to find a WiFi connection. Although you can use cellular data when you’re outside, cellular data sometimes has a connection that is not as fast as WiFi.

So how can you still connect to the internet without relying on cellular data? Jawabannya adalah Hotspot WiFi. Then how do I find a WiFi hotspot in a fairly simple way?

On this occasion, let’s talk about how to get free WiFi on smartphones. Let’s read until the end to find out how.

Get Free WiFi Internet Connection

To get wifi for free, you can see two ways below:

Install mobile apps like Instabridge

Some applications can indeed give you internet access for free. One application that you can use is instabridge. Developed by a company from Sweden, this app can get you connected to WiFi hotspots free of charge.

So, how does this application function? Instabridge alerts your phone to nearby hotspots. When a hotspot is spotted, it is added to the company’s database, and other users may see its location through the app’s map.

In addition to locating a trustworthy WiFi hotspot, the system will indicate which of the available hotspots in your vicinity are fast and likely to function. When you’re within range of that hotspot, you can connect automatically as long as it’s configured for public use.

Please keep in mind that Instabridge is not a password hacking program. It is a shared network of people eager to link smartphone users to the internet, particularly tourists who require an internet connection to avoid getting lost.

Instabridge is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Instabridge: How to Use It

1. On Android

Run the Instabridge application. The first window displays a list of accessible WiFi hotspots. Those who have a connection icon are close enough to connect. To connect, tap the symbol.

If no WiFi hotspots are available in your region, hit the walking icon to receive instructions to the nearest WiFi hotspot. If you immediately connect to WiFi, the words “Connected to the Internet.” will show in the bottom bar.

2. on iOS

Simply go to Settings and choose WiFi. If you are near an Instabridge-enabled WiFi hotspot, the phrase “Connect with Instabridge” will display beneath. To connect, tap on it.

If there is no WiFi available, launch the app and use the map to find the nearest hotspot.

Using Commercial Establishments

You can also get free Internet access at some stores, hotels, and other places where people work. Free Internet access is part of these businesses’ marketing plans to bring in customers and improve the way people think of their brand. Some retailers, however, compel users to purchase their items in return for a connection.

You can still use the internet for free on your mobile device thanks to apps like Instabridge and modern businesses. Just make sure the connection is safe from spyware and other programs that could compromise your privacy. When compared to cellular data, browsing via a wifi connection is significantly faster. In addition, using wifi is also very easy because, with just one click, you can immediately connect.

Hopefully, you understood the above explanation. You can select between the two methods discussed above based on your preferences. I hope you found the material beneficial, and I’ll see you next time!