How to Turn Off New iPhone – iPhone X, 11, and SE

How to Turn Off New iPhone – Mobile devices do not always have to be turned off, but even if we do, we can get some benefits. As on iPhone devices, the performance can be faster after reloading.

Besides being useful for cleaning up memory and applications, turning off the iPhone can also be useful for saving the battery. In addition, there are still some other benefits; if you are curious, you should read this article until the end.

There are several ways to turn off the iPhone; it all depends on what you have. Here are some ways!

How to Turn Off New iPhone

The first step in using a mobile device is to turn it on. Smartphones, regardless of model or brand, always have a mechanism to turn on and off the devices. The process for turning on or off a television differs based on the brand and model.

Apple’s iPhones may be turned off in a variety of ways. Because Apple constantly develops and refreshes its products, changes in the appearance and hardware of iPhones are unavoidable.

So, have a look at the descriptions for various varieties of iPhones below:

1. iPhone X and 11

Turning off the iPhone X and the iPhone 11 is the same because they are almost the same generation and both smartphones have similar functions and hardware buttons.

The way to turn it off is to first press and hold the volume button and the right side button at the same time. You can use either the top or bottom volume button.

Make sure to press the buttons simultaneously; if they are not pressed simultaneously, it is certain that the cellphone cannot be turned off. When pressing, also wait a few seconds for the slider on the screen to appear.

This slider will confirm again whether you want to turn off the cellphone; if so, you just slide the “Power” icon to the right. The important thing you should note is that your iPhone device may take 30 seconds to completely shut down.

2. iPhone SE 1st Generation 5 

For those of you who are still using this type of iPhone, the shutdown method is the same. The trick is to press and hold the top button, “Power.” The button position is at the top of the iPhone device on the right side.

Hold the button for a few seconds until the slider appears on the screen. To turn off the device completely, swipe to the right until the device turns off.

Users who want to perform special commands such as forcing a restart on their iPhone can press the Power and Home buttons. Hold both buttons simultaneously and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

3. How to Turn Off New iPhone – SE 2nd Generation

iPhone models are classified or grouped according to the year they were launched. The iPhone 5 and older devices are part of the first generation. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 devices are part of the second generation.

These iPhone models all use the same procedure to switch off or shut down. Begin by pushing and holding the right-side button, often known as the “Sleep/Wake” button. In contrast to the steps for shutting off the iPhone X or 11, there is no need to press and hold the volume button.

Users must then wait for the slider to display before sliding the “power” symbol to the right to turn it off. Users must lift their fingers once the slider appears. A few simple steps are required to turn off these iPhone accessories.

We really hope that you will find this information to be helpful! You are now familiar with how to power down a variety of iPhone devices. Maintain in mind that you need to perform this on a regular basis in order to keep your iPhone functioning at its optimum.