Interactive Learning Apps To Practice Japanese

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Interactive Learning Apps To Practice Japanese – People who speak Japanese often have the impression that they are at a disadvantage compared to learners of other languages.

Learning Japanese is one of the most challenging languages for people who speak English as their first language.

As if learning Japanese wasn’t challenging enough, there are fewer quality materials available for it than for other languages.

Remarkably, there are only so many tools available for learning Japanese, given that over 126 million people are already fluent in the language.

This is due to the difficulty of developing courses or interactive learning apps to practice Japanese.

Regarding grammar, Japanese is light years from English, and it is challenging to condense the language into manageable chunks.

There are several important distinctions between Japanese and English; however, those distinctions are only sometimes considered in programs designed for people who desire to become fluent in Japanese.

Here is the list of interactive learning apps for you to practice Japanese!


Bravolol is an app that has vocabulary and pronunciation software for beginners. Learn Japanese Phrases, including hundreds of beginner-level phrases.

You can keep track of your favorite phrases in a personal collection. Each word and phrase has slow-downable audio.

The app lets you record yourself speaking and compare it to the program’s audio to see if you are native.


A Japanese app with daily speaking lessons. Busuu teaches Japanese for 10 minutes daily, making it convenient for busy people. It stresses vocabulary and travel phrases.

It teaches vocab, grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading, and conversation. The software creates a customized study plan to maximize study time.


A course covers vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue. This beginner-to-intermediate resource teaches the Japanese language and grammar step-by-step.

Its Japanese classes feature vocabulary learning, grammar explanations, and contextualized dialogs.

The program offers flashcards, stories, phrasebooks, and more besides lesson units.

Lingo Deer’s organized framework will help you generate intermediate-level phrases.


It is an all-encompassing app that covers all of the grammar points on the JLPT.

Downloading Bunpo is something you should do if you wish to improve your grammatical abilities.

There is a comprehensive Japanese grammar dictionary included in Bunpo.

You will also have access to 1,800 vocabulary items and 8,000 questions to grasp all aspects of the language, including listening, reading, and writing.


Drops is a mobile app based on the Japanese word game that helps users expand their vocabulary.

Also, drops is an app that allows users to immerse in the Japanese language for five minutes every day by swiping and tapping their way to match visuals with words.

Because you can only play for five minutes every ten hours, you have to be ready to make the most of each one of those minutes.


The Duolingo Japanese course is divided into six teams, each of which has a number of lessons.

The primary goals of the Japanese lessons by Duolingo are to familiarize students with fundamental terminology and enhance their comprehension of Japanese sentence structure.

In addition, there are pointers presented in the form of articles intended to teach the relevant grammar and cultural knowledge related to Japanese for each lesson.

This App is free to use only for you!


The Falou app is new, yet it is quickly becoming one of the most popular language-learning tools.

The most important benefit of taking Falou’s Japanese course is that it enables you to learn a lot of colloquial terms in an immersive and conversational manner.

You may make the most of your spare time and significantly enhance your Japanese fluency by downloading and using these seven Japanese learning applications!