Kidding TV Show on Youtube Kids

Kidding TV Show – Four years ago, YouTube Kids came out for the first time. Exact date: February 23, 2015, as an app for Android and iOS. YouTube Kids has grown over time and is now available on LG, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs. In 60 countries around the world, YouTube Kids has been available for the past four years. Since September 6, 2018, only Indonesia has been able to use YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids is there to give kids content that is both educational and fun. Parents can limit what their kids can watch based on how old they are.

YouTube Kids has a lot of features. On YouTube Kids, there are at least four main types of content: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore. The Common Sense Media website says that shows like Winnie the Pooh and Thomas and Friends, which are popular with kids, show clips and full episodes. There are both old and new children’s songs in the Music segment. In the Learning section, you can find links to educational content from PBS Kids, TED-Ed, and Khan Academy, among other places. Then, the Explore section shows content made by users, such as videos about children’s toys and other things.

We are involved in blocking some sites or content that kids shouldn’t be able to see. Every day, parents still need to set limits on how long their kids can watch videos on YouTube Kids. This is done so that there is enough time to play, study, and rest. 

Search controls are helpful so that kids can do safe searches that are right for their age. If search is turned off, kids won’t be able to look for videos. They will only be able to watch videos from channels that YouTube Kids has checked out. Also, parents can use the viewing history to keep track of what their kids have watched.

Get the YouTube Kids app on your phone.

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store let you get YouTube Kids for free. You have to look for “YouTube Kids” and then click “Install.” The app will ask if you are a child or an adult after you install it. If you choose “I’m a kid,” YouTube Kids won’t let you make an account. 

For this app to work, a child needs to have an account set up by a parent. YouTube Kids gives parents reminders and instructions on how to set up the account’s safety controls. This makes sure that parents know what the app’s rules are.

Parents should know about some of the YouTube Kids Kidding TV Show channels. Watch this article until it’s done because it goes into detail about the recommended Kidding TV shows, which are good for kids in many ways.

Kidding TV Show

  1. Blippi Toys

Blippi is one of the most watched kids’ YouTubers. Blippi is a young man who usually wears a blue-orange hat, blue buttons, jeans, an orange bow tie with orange suspenders, and orange suspenders that match the bow tie. He also has glasses. He talks about things like tractors and zoo animals with as much wonder and excitement as three Red Bulls. In addition to making these funny and educational movies where Blippi rides in helicopters with the LAPD or teaches colors on a jet ski, he has also taught a lot of kids, whether they know it or not, how important SEO is. John took voice and singing lessons because many of Blippi’s videos have songs. Blippi can go on adventures and show kids fun things, and every video he makes teaches something.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Furthermore, there is a TV kidding show from the special children’s YouTube channel from National Geographic. It gives kids information in a fun way, with colorful travel videos and a fun package. Shooting like a movie is also more fun to watch. Many of the shows on the National Geographic Kids channel talk about the environment and natural wonders. This channel also has educational playlists for kids, like ones about cats, tigers, pandas, and other animals. The purpose of the content is to get kids interested in animals and to teach them about them. More than 400,000 people already follow this channel, and more than 900 videos have been posted.

  1. CoComelon

The CoComelon Kids YouTube channel is already known to most of the kids. Moonbug Entertainment, a British company, bought the YouTube channel and streaming media event CoComelon, which was based in the United States. Now, the American company Treasure Studio is in charge of it. In the “About” section of CoComelon’s website, it says that JJ and his family have a lot of fun doing things like playing, exploring, and learning. CoComelon focuses on making 3D animated videos of traditional and new nursery rhymes. The videos on CoComelon show babies, adults, and animals doing normal things together.

  1. Show Kids Roma

Diana and Roma are young YouTubers from Ukraine who are very popular with people their age. In 2015, Diana and her sister started posting videos on YouTube about everything from kids’ toys to their daily lives. The channel for Diana Kids Show has 85.4 million subscribers, while the channel for Roma and Diana has 9.14 million subscribers.

  1. Make Me Genius

The Make Me Genius YouTube channel has science explanations that are full of fun animations and are of course great for kids. Through this YouTube channel, kids can learn about things that happen around them every day, like how the lights work, how the body digests food, how the seasons change, and so on. This channel has more than 300 videos and more than 30,000 people who follow it.