Looking for The Best Online Classroom Apps?

Online Classroom Apps – Online classroom applications are becoming one of the most significant components of learning media. Because of technological advancements, there are now numerous virtual classes.

Let’s look at some applications that you may use in online classrooms to make learning activities more successful.

Best Online Classroom Apps 2023

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom software offers a platform for mobile-assisted learning and teaching. You may use this app whenever and wherever you choose.

Virtual Classroom is a highly comprehensive program; here you may enter to attend lessons and see recordings of previous classes.

Teachers and students can engage directly in this program; if students wish to ask questions, they can utilize the hand-raising option.

Other features include:

  • Can communicate via live video and audio
  • Using several whiteboards
  • Files may be viewed and shared at any time.
  • Participants should be given control over the audio, video, and writing.

Size : 13 MB

Ratings:  3.1

Installs: 500.000+

Online Classroom Apps – BrainCert

Apps are a great method to teach online lessons. You may virtually teach and study in one one location.

This app has the benefit of having a “teacher account” function that allows teachers to invite students to study and even take tests in this app. This app has three distinct platforms for its primary functions:

  • Platform for creating courses
  • Content management
  • Online testing

Other features include:

  • Collaboration in real time
  • Capabilities for reporting and tracking
  • Online assessments and courses

Online Classroom Apps – Virtual Blackboard

This app is an excellent piece of assistive technology for online classrooms. It may quickly replace a regular whiteboard or digital smartboard.

You may use wireless transmission or a direct connection to transform your gadget into a virtual chalkboard. You may use your finger or a stylus to write.

Size : 7,22 MB

Ratings:  2.7

Installs: 100+


This app is commonly used to provide online lessons. This program appears to be quite user-friendly to beginners. You may use this tool to create online classes or courses.

Other features include:

  • A useful software for developing online classes
  • Notes and calendars may be simply synced
  • Can readily access a variety of educational resources

Google Classroom

You may use the Google Classroom program for free if you already have a Google account. You can effortlessly create classes, distribute assignments, and interact with only one application.

This program can improve and simplify the work route. This application is available at all times and from any location. Students who utilize this app may also readily access the content supplied by the teacher.

Other features include:

  • Improves communication
  • Very inexpensive and safe
  • There are no advertising within
  • Can discuss immediately

Size: Varies with device

Ratings: 3.8

Installs: 100.000.000+

Electa Live

Electa Live makes it simple for instructors to plan and build online classes. It is incredibly simple to use for group meetings, webinars, and live seminars.

The information exchanged here is secure, the network and hosting are completely maintained, and you may work together on additional tools.

Other features include:

  • You have unlimited storage space for your material
  • Groups can be formed in classes
  • It is simple to create online lessons

Size: Varies with device

Ratings: 3.6

Installs: 50.000+

Blackboard Collaborate

This app different from other online class apps in that you will not be prompted to install any software; you will only be able to access it through a browser.

This app’s audio and video are of good quality, making online class activities more pleasant. This application’s features also make it easier for those with impairments to feel at ease.

Other features include:

  • Launching quickly and easily
  • Participation is possible regardless of place or time.
  • It is incredibly simple to exchange files and apps.
  • Participants will be represented via personalized profiles.
  • With a single click, you may utilize the hands-up option for attendance and conversation.

Size: 7,2 MB

Ratings: 2.6

Instal: 1.000.000+

Hopefully, some of the applications discussed above can assist in making online lessons more easy!