Shopify Tiered Discounts and Best App for It

Shopify tiered discounts – A segmented pricing strategy allows businesses to set individual prices for each of their market niches, and it’s usually called tiered discounts. Customers pay a different amount once they reach different status levels. As they buy more, they get a bigger discount. When there are different price points, customers can choose to pay what they can afford while still being incentivized to spend more money. Aside from being an effective tactic for selling a single item, this method also lends itself well to the promotion of product sets on Shopify.

Shopify Tiered Discounts


Shopify tiered discounts are a fantastic tool for accomplishing this. If you use price breaks at different tiers, you can encourage customers to make larger purchases. Not a magical trick, but rather some clever psychological manipulation. People are happier when they find deals because they want to save more money (as well as for other reasons that we will get to shortly). The key is to strategically employ promos, and make full use of your current clientele (as they are much easier and cheaper to sell to than new customers).

Who Should Use Shopify Tiered Discounts?

There is a lot of money to be made in e-commerce, and that success is shared by all online enterprises. It’s common knowledge that offering discounts, especially discounts in tiers, can help expand a business. Which customers, then, benefit most from Shopify tiered discounts?

  • Shopify tiered discounts for small/medium businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from using tiered pricing to increase revenue and expand their brands. If you’re a startup with big aspirations but a small customer base, this business model could be the perfect way to get the word out.

  • Shopify tiered discounts for service-based businesses

Tiered discounts are especially useful for service providers and vendors of digital goods. Digital goods are ideal for a multi-tiered pricing structure due to their low production costs and high profit margins (assuming it provides value to the customer). 

Shopify Tiered Discounts vs Regular Shopify Discounts

There are many positive outcomes for commercial enterprises. The main benefit is being able to cater to a larger audience by providing customers with more options in terms of product bundles (and, by extension, price points). Giving your customers what they want on every front will make it harder for new competitors to enter your market. The primary advantages of tiered discounts are:

  • Tiered discounts on Shopify can help you attract more customers.
  • Increase your rate of conversion.
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  • The ability to exert greater command over your goods

Best Shopify Tiered Pricing Quantity Discount Apps

  1. Bold Quantity Breaks by BOLD

The Shopify app Bold Quantity Breaks by BOLD lets you create unlimited quantity-based discounts. With flexible tiered pricing, the Shopify tiered discounts app lets you customize everything, such as giving customers a quantity break for buying a certain number of a product or its variants. The app helps you apply bulk discounts and quantity breaks and shows shoppers how much they save when buying in bulk.

Features Highlights:

  • Unlimited quantity-based discounts
  • Flexible tiered pricing
  • Apply discounts and quantity breaks in bulk
  • Display a bar on your cart page that shows shoppers the amount they save when buying in bulk
  • Fully customizable

Wholesale Pricing Discount by Seth Gold

Wholesale Pricing Discount app provides prices for certain Shopify customers to let users set up wholesale discounts for groups or customers. You can discount products, collections, and the whole store. Volume discounts can encourage customers to buy more, and five-star customer support can help your store succeed. Wholesale Pricing Discount app helps you prioritize. Customers can order online with prices without calling or emailing you.

Features Highlights:

  • Offer price discounts to specific customers
  • Provide users with volume deal to increase conversion rates and sales
  • Let customers order online with prices
  • Enable users to set up many discounts they like
  • Set up wholesales shipping rates

All In One Automatic Discounts by CirkleStudio

Why use multiple apps when one has more features? All In One Automatic Discounts manages Bundle, Volume, Wholesale/General, Free Gift, BOGO, Cart Conditional, and Post Purchase Discounts. You don’t need multiple apps for offers.

Features Highlights

  • All offer types in a single app including Post Purchase
  • Schedule offer
  • Stack discount code with automatic offer
  • Create a discount code which behave based on subtotal
  • Set free shipping if offer is apply on the cart
  • You can specify customer tag on each offer type
  • Merchant friendly app plans

Sales of more products in bulk, and the higher average order value and total revenue that results, can be achieved with the help of Shopify tiered discounts. Your company should seriously consider investing in this strategy because it is simple, low-cost, and likely to increase sales.